Pat And Marcia Davis

18 Oct 2023

Our Personal Testimony as Agent/Clients
Under Obamacare our premium started out at less than $3,000/year.  It went to $28,000 in 2019. We made our plan switch and thank God we did!  After the dust cleared at the end of 2019, we had no out of pocket including our deductible. And that was for my hospital stay of 4 nights, emergency room, both of us at urgent care, a battery of tests, many office visits and a colonoscopy.  If we had our previous Obamacare plan, we would have paid over $15,000 out of pocket in 2019.  Plus our $28,000 in premiums.  Why because our company pays us/you instead of countless middlemen!  As clients we/you pocket that money instead.